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    No sound from miniDisplayPort on Intel Graphics


      Hey there

      I own a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s, bought it used from a company.

      I'm not sure is it a 3d or 4th generation of graphic card

      First of all I reinstalled OS (Windows 10x64) and got the latest versions of all drivers (current is for video and for Intel Audio).

      When I connected it to tv via miniDP port I had an image but no sound at all. System recognised TV as a digital playback device, but can't play any sound through it

      Then I connected it to the ViewSonic monitor and the problem repeated. Cables are ok because I used them with my old ThinkPad T430 and everything was correct

      Here what i have now:

      I've tried everything - upgrading and downgrading drivers (Intel Graphics from Intel, Intel Graphics from Lenovo, Realtek, Lenovo Power Management, BIOS), even reinstalled OS two times.

      Of course, I've tried to delete device from system and than run wizard to find mostly appropriate driver by system, tried to disable and then enable this device in Playback Devices menu.

      I have even tried to change my power settings and created a new power scheme, but nothing really helped. Only once I heard sound on TV from my laptop when I had deleted device and than install drivers again and did not reboot system. After reboot there was no sound as well.

      I wrote to Lenovo support, but they recommend me to apply to the service center all in all. I'm not sure is it wiil be helpful because it seems to be a software problem