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    GMA false digital audio signal over DVI=>HDMI



      I'm using integrated Intel G41 video controller connected to a LG 22LH2000 TV set via DVI-HDMI cable. The analog sound runs through an 3,5 mm minijack cable to DVI/RGB audio in in my TV. There is a big problem, since the TV 'thinks' the sound goes throught DVI-HDMI cable and disables the analog audio in. When I unplug the video cable the audio is played properly. I can't select audio source in TV menu. This is a common problem:


      Samsung guides to contact with graphics card manufacturer to update the drivers, but I can't see any real contact on the Intel site, so I post it here. I tried everything, including overriding EDID in the registry, the problem still exists. When connecting with an RGB analog cable the sound is ok.