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    Will it work i7-860 w/ DH57JG


      So I have recently built a system using an i3-530 & a DH57JG. This is in a very small MiniITX case. I Went initially with the i3 because of heat, however everything is staying much much cooler then I expected. I Would like the additional performance gain from going to a quad & found a heck of a deal on the i7-860. I Know its not officially supported since it is a Lynnfield chip & the graphics on the h57 need Clarksdale CPU's. But I also see that other manufacturers MiniITX h55 offerings do support the Lynnfield CPU's. I would definitely prefer keeping the Intel board, but the need for more power is a big one being that this is a little gaming box & my GPU is size limited. So will it work?


      Current Specs: Intel DH57JG, Intel i3-530, 2x2GB Corsair XMS ddr3, Asus EAH5750Formula (ATI HD5750), 2x Intel x18m 80gb SSD in Raid 0, Lite-On DVD Burner, Corsaor 400wx PSU