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    Bios problem in D945GCNL




      I need your help please.


      I hava a D945GCNL board,from 1 year i do a bios update for these board and the update complete successfully and everything was ok for 6 months,after that when i was trying to get the information of my bios i get these result




      Motherboard Name Unknown
      Motherboard Chipset Intel Lakeport-G i945GC


      DMI BIOS Vendor                     Intel Corp.
      DMI BIOS Version
      DMI System Manufacturer                | ?
      DMI System Product                % sX
      DMI System Version
      DMI System Serial Number                
      DMI System UUID                     286B2A7A-720911DC-8BA30040-95005280
      DMI Motherboard Manufacturer                 
      DMI Motherboard Product                     7D ~ v
      DMI Motherboard Version
      DMI Motherboard Serial Number
      DMI Chassis Manufacturer
      DMI Chassis Version                               ~}|} ~oo
      DMI Chassis Serial Number                          ~}<}o&#127;
      DMI Chassis Asset Tag                                    }} O~ O~
      DMI Chassis Type

      so I try to update again this bios but the system told me this program is unable to continue and the bios you are trying to update to is invalid for your system.

      I try to update is using recovery and it didnt work so what is the problem in my bios and how can i fix it? you must know that all the devices is working properly but the problem only in the name of the board and the updater.



      so I need your help please reply


      and thank you very much