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    Re: Problem with the AC-7260 constantly disconnecting AC speed not availble


      I have an MSI laptop with this card for three years. I have been suffering with this issue. The guy who claims to have half a dozen of these without any problem could just be lucky or hired by Intel to claim these cards are good. There are definitely people like him out there. This card sure has been an issue, and there are just so many threads of people suffering with this issue out there if he minds of googling them. It is definitely not an "opinion". I have send my laptop back to MSI for more than five times. The issue still persist. It is clear that this is not due to a malfunctioning card but a poor designed product line. I called Intel customer support for directions. Never was it fixed.


      I tend to believe is a Bluetooth issue. I have experience using this card with my Bluetooth mouse, and it experience an significant lag no matter which mouse company I use. There was a time I somehow accidentally removed the three Intel Bluetooth services by using sc delete command since I was having issue to uninstall Intel's Bluetooth driver as it kept appears to not find the uninstall .msi package. Until I was able to reinstall it, I did not experienced any wireless dropout.


      Also, they have not been updating the driver for a long time. Although there seem to be new software starting with version 20, the installed drivers have been 18 for a long time.