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    update not working




      I am showing that I have an update in my Intel Driver & Support Assistant. When I click the Install Downloads I get a message saying an immediate reboot of your system is required. I assume this means to restart my system, but when I do nothing appears to be happening. What am I doing wrong?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello mcclurrc,

          I understand that you are having issues with the Intel ® Driver & Support Assistant since it keeps asking you to restart the system.

          Regarding this, I would like to begin by gathering some information of your system, I will need you to provide me with an Intel ® Driver & Support Assistant report, this report can be generated with our tool, which you can get by accessing the link below:


          Make sure to attach the report to this thread. Now, regarding what I would like you to try, I want you to fully uninstall the Intel ® Driver & Support Assistant from your system by going to the "Settings" and then "Apps", over there, if you search for "driver" you should be able to find the tool, please uninstall it and reboot the computer. 

          Once the computer has come back ON, please download the latest version of  Intel ® Driver & Support Assistant which you can get by accessing the following link:


          Please install it and then reboot the system once more, once back ON again, please check for any updates that Windows* or any other tool or app may be running, if there is no updates, please run the Intel ® Driver & Support Assistant and see if the issue persists.

          I hope this helps.

          David V