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    Bluetooth stopped working on my 8260AC


      I have it installed in a desktop running Win10 Pro 64-bit.  The latest Proset and Bluetooth drivers are installed - everything on the PC from OS to BIOS is the latest.  The Wifi seems to work fine, but there is no Bluetooth device installed in the system according to the OS.  There is no BT device listed in device manager, nor are there any unknown devices listed.  The Bluetooth worked on this PC previously - I played music from the PC to the Bluetooth speakers on my entertainment system several times before.  I went to do so again and discovered the lack of any Bluetooth device. The PC is a Dell and they couldn't figure it out - they sent me all new card/chassis/cable/antenna and it still doesn't show - they are useless and cannot fix the issue, so I came to the source, Intel, for the solution.


      How do I get my Bluetooth back?