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    Rensas USB3.0 Host chip(Upd720202) Windws 10 support


      When using Windows 10, Renesas usb3.0 is automatically installed because it is included in OS. But I am having communication problems while using it.



      I am looking for a USB3.0 driver that I can install manually, but I have only Win7 version. Renesas USB3.0 host controller is upd720202, F / W version is In use.



      I hope to update the new system drivers.



      Thank you.

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          What kind of communications problem are you having? Please describe it - and the devices you are connecting - fully.


          You haven't provided any details on the board you are using. Because you are here, I will presume it is because you have an Intel Desktop Board. We can't help you, however; Windows 10 was never supported on any of the Intel Desktop Boards that utilized Renasys USB 3.0 host controllers. The drivers we have available are only for older Windows versions. Your only option is to try and get a driver directly from Renasys. I did a quick check of their website but found no driver downloads. You will thus need to contact them directly and ask whether one is available.


          Hope this helps,