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    Error while doing training using Caffe in DevCloud


      Hi ,

      Our aim is to do training of a network implemented in Caffe using Intel Devcloud.

      We get the following error.


      I0726 02:11:19.828974 11560 layer_factory.hpp:114] Creating layer

      I0726 02:11:19.829694 11560 net.cpp:265] Creating Layer input

      I0726 02:11:19.829735 11560 net.cpp:1238] input -> data

      I0726 02:11:19.829776 11560 net.cpp:1238] input -> label

      I0726 02:11:19.829819 11560 data_transformer.cpp:63] Loading mean file from:

      I0726 02:11:19.839509 11568 db_lmdb.cpp:72] Opened lmdb

      Intel MKL FATAL ERROR:
      Cannot load libmkl_core.so.