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    Multicam Pointclouds in Unity


      Hi all,


      I've been working with the D415 trying to stream multiple cameras into a single unity scene on one computer. The goal is to have multiple RGB Point clouds in a scene which can be independently transformed. Currently I am working with 2, but plan to work with up to 6.


      It seems like I should be able to create a pipeline, list or array of devices based on their Serial NO, and stream independently to separate mesh-based point clouds - but I am not sure how I'd go about doing this.

      I am rather new to C#, and am more of a designer than a programmer. If anyone has some suggestions or advice on what to try next, I would appreciate it!


      What I know:

      -Multicam Example app works great, and streams from all cameras. Both plugged into separate USB Controllers.

      -Point clouds can be generated by each camera (one at a time) when using the default prefabs / scene. Hardware is undamaged.

      -Both cameras are recognized by Windows and are updated to FW 5.9.14.


      What I've tried:

      -Installing the new Pre-Released 2.14.1 SDK, but the final step to Build the UnityPackage fails each time.

      -Using modified C# scripts that declare a new 'realsensedeviceoriginal' class which is NON-STATIC. This has allowed me to stream depth from multiple cameras in Unity, but still no luck with point clouds. I didn't write this code myself, but tried modifiying PointCloudGenerator.cs to work in a similar way with no success.



      I'm running W10 64, with a TR 1920x 12-core, 16GB Ram and a 1080TI, which should be plenty powerful for a pair of cameras at low resolutions. I also have SR300 drivers installed from using the Looking Glass 'HoloPlayer One' device, I'm unsure if this would introduce any errors or conflict.


      Thanks so much in advance!