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    Why doesn't my new processor work?


      I have a Dell EPS710, that I purchased in January 2007 and am now running Windows 7 Professional. I checked with Dell and got the motherboard manufacturer data (Nvidia Nforce 590 LSI). The board has an LGA775 socket and an originally installed E6300 Intel processor running at 1.86GHz. I checked with Nvidia and Intel and confirmed with both that a new E6300 running at 2.8GHz would work with no issues. I purchased and installed the new processor, following Dell's directions. My system hung and never got anywhere near booting. I replaced the original chip and the system works fine. I figured maybe the chip was bad and got a replacement. Doing a little research, I learned that a bios update might solve the problem. Since I can't back out of a bios update, I'm afraid to try it. Could this be the cause of my problem? It seems unlikely since neither Intel nor Nvidia made any mention of this during live chat when I gave them all the above information. Any suggestions will be most welcome.

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          As per the following website http://www.nvidia.com/page/nforce5_specs_intel.htmlthe desktop board should support the processor; however, to be a 100% sure of the processor and desktop board are indeed compatible, you need to contact Nvidia for a list of supported processors for your desktop board since you have to take in consideration that the desktop board may support Intel Core 2 processors; however, this does not mean that all Intel Core 2 processors will be compatible with your desktop board. In the case that you need to perform a BIOS update I recommend to contact Dell* directly for assistance in order to avoid any damage on your system.