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    Optane + HDD + fragmentation




      I use an Optane memory and a HDD. (It's very effective!)

      I want to have informations about the fragmentation of the HDD.


      - I use WSL on Windows (Ubuntu 18.04), I use also Cygwin with "tons" of little files.

      Compile an application generates a lot of files (write, read, erase).

      It's a example.

      Other softwares do same.

      In fine HDD is fragmented (It is well known that Windows fragments a HDD, and this since MSDOS !).


      When using a defrag software Optane + HDD is recognized as a SSD.


      Optane optimizes the operation of the Optane/HDD couple.


      i removed Cygwin (more than 60 GB).

      I desactived Optane, removed Cygwin, defrag my HDD and reactivated Optane.


      My questions are :

      - what to do in these situations of fragmentation?

      - Is the solution of desactivate Optane, defrag HDD, reactivate Optane good?

      - How many times can this type of manipulation be done?


      => In short, what should I do?

      (sorry for my english - I hope you understand what I want).


      Thank you in advance for your relevant information.