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    Core i5-750 Temp Warning


      I've got a Core i5-750 running the stock heatsink on a DH55HC motherboard.  Been running fine for 3 weeks.  Starting yesterday I've gotten 2 thermal warnings from Intel Desktop Utilities.  First one was for processor temp of 272F, last one for 274F.  In both cases the machine was running at the time and showed no outward signs of issues (ie didn't shut down or have beep codes).  I upgraded to the latest version of IDU (3.1) after the first event but obviously that hasn't helped.  I'm assuming this must be a software glitch since the proc would have melted at those temps and IDU should have warned long before 272F since the threshold is 196F. Anyone else see this type of issue with this program?

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          I would say update the os with the latest drivers of the mainboard also an bios update could resolve sudge problems.

          Try everest to see your temps or and other tool and see if they are stil the same or not.


          You also could buy a nice cpu cooler becuase intel had a bad job done on that.

          They should do someting on there stock coolers or make sure they are not getting that hot.

          Intel get rid of those push pins please!!!


          First i had a zalman 9900 but it wassent good ennoufh now i have coolermaster v10 on it.Now it runs more cool buth not yet enougf to keep it stable here.


          These are some things you could try if you have no succes i would try to rma that cpu.


          Good luck.

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            I too have that problem with a I5-750 and a DH55HC motherboard. Intel Desktop utilities is giving warnings that are fake. My CPU is running around 90 to 95 Degrees F but is giving me warnings at around 290 degrees F.


            They must have a software problem.



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              I did update to the latest version of the IDU software.  Chipset and BIOS are latest (and were prior to first warning).  Based on EMCMILES3 experience it certainly does seem like a common software glitch.  It's obviously not actually getting to those temps because the CPU would have been fried as a result, one would expect a warning prior to 270+ and there were no other warnings or a system shut-down that would result from such an overtemp situation.  Guess Intel has some work to do on their Desktop Utilities software.  Mine runs 88F at idle and mid90's to low 100's much of the time.  Even under heavy load (benchmark testing) it was 160'sF.


              Thanks for the feedback,

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                May I ask how you were able to show or obtain in IDU the processor temperature and the threshold value? I can only see the processor thermal margin value and the processor threshold margin value.

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                  i have read ur problem. ur mother board DH55HC is mainly 2 core supported board example: i3 and i5 up to 500 series and build in graphics too. the core i5 750 (700 series) required P55 chipset. i have used asus p7p55d-e evo with intel i5 750, this is the great combination and superb overclocking features. there is no any tem problem. further any technical assistance pls add me on facebook ......play_vo@live.com....thx

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                    I too was running quite high core temperatures (up to 80 C in idle) when I first set up my i5-750, despite using a full size case with 6 fans and the Asus P7P55D Pro MB.  After reading a lot of user posts, one thing seemed to be a common theme:  "get rid of the stock cooler and get an after market liquid cooler."  After a lot of research I found the Corsair H-50 for under $70.  A completely sealed system.  The difficulty of installation of the unit and radiator will be based on your experience and your case's configuration.  Here, the full size case did me well as I had plenty of room.  Since installation, my processor has yet to exceed 40 C and I have put as much strain on it as I could.  I did not see many people who liked or ultimately used the stock fan that comes with the i5-750.  For that price, the risk was worth it as my build was already completed.

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                      1 year later and still no good. Too bad Intel does not stand behind their Motherboards!!!!

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                        I turned off Intels utililities and not one complaint from my customer. It must be Intels software as every thing is fine now. The PC is 1.5 years old or so and it has not given anymore problems......



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