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    infrared streams missing on raspberry Pi 3


      Hello, I am trying to open an infrared stream on raspberry without success.

      I tried both on Raspbian Stretch and on Ubuntu Mate for raspberry.


      On a PC -usb3 and the same camera I am able to use realsense-viewer to see both left and right streams.

      Using usb2 on the same PC I can only see one IR stream + depth.

      On the raspberry, usb 2, I can see none.

      Being that I also miss low resolution modes on the raspberry, it does seem to be an issue with modes not available for some reason.


      Thanks, ENLITEON


      On both raspberry installation the utility "rs-enumerate-devices" returns the following:

      NOTE that no IR streaming modes are listed

      NOTE: checking again what follows I just noticed that rs-enumerate-devices thinks the interface is USB1. Why?


      Device info:

          Name                          :     Intel RealSense D435

          Serial Number                 :     752112070165

          Firmware Version              :

          Recommended Firmware Version  :

          Physical Port                 :     /sys/devices/platform/soc/3f980000.usb/usb1/1-1/1-1.4/1-1.4:1.0/video4linux/video1

          Debug Op Code                 :     15

          Advanced Mode                 :     YES

          Product Id                    :     0B07

          Usb Type Descriptor           :     2.1


      Stream Profiles supported by Stereo Module

      Supported modes:                                      stream     resolution fps   format 

          Depth      1280x720    @ 6Hz    Z16

          Depth      1280x720    @ 4Hz    Z16

          Depth      640x480    @ 30Hz    Z16

          Depth      640x480    @ 15Hz    Z16

          Depth      640x480    @ 6Hz    Z16

          Depth      640x480    @ 4Hz    Z16

          Depth      480x270    @ 60Hz    Z16

          Depth      480x270    @ 30Hz    Z16

          Depth      480x270    @ 15Hz    Z16

          Depth      480x270    @ 6Hz    Z16

          Depth      480x270    @ 4Hz    Z16


      Stream Profiles supported by RGB Camera

      Supported modes:                                      stream     resolution fps   format 

          Color      1280x720    @ 6Hz    RGB8

          .. ok these are not a problem  etc etc ..

          Color      424x240    @ 6Hz    YUYV