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    XPS 400 CPU upgrade


      CPU experts,

      I've researched this for a few weeks and tech support vendors do not reply. So I don't know if they are busy or do not know. I have an XPS 400 with a 775 pin mobo. this is the info off the CPU: 2.8Ghz/2M/800/05A. On my devise manager screen it has 945G on one of the lines, so I am not sure what I really have. What I would like to know is what is the latest chip I can put in this computer. I've read about the E6300, and others. Living in Alaska and paying 2nd day air on everything I would like someone who knows about about this stuff and point me in the right direction. I have found new 945's and E6300's on the internet. It is an older computer and I have a newly built one as my primary, but for under a $100.00 I can get a new chip and reload XP onto a few HD that I just received and this should be a great little computer again. I'm not going to bog it down again with all the microsoft updates and it may not even be on the internet much. Would be a good kid's first computer IMO.  Whoever replies, I appreciate you helping me out on this. I'm seeing what I need on Amazon, but want to make sure before I buy. The RAM is 4 sticks of 512 btw.




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          a few type-O's in my original message....it's been a long week.

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            I have Dimension 9150 which is 945P. It runs only 2 core, no Hyper-Threading.The  chipset is is stripped down via BIOS.

            Go to Dell-> all support->manuals, select xps  for more specifications on Your PC.

            Dell staff told me that Dimension/XPS MB were customized for Dell by Foxconn.

            Unfortunatelly, Foxconn do not update their specs for new processors I'm affraid. But You might e-mail them for advice.


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              sspec could be on  the MB, otherwise see compatible processors at foxconn.

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                Spent all weekend on this and there is not label/barcode on the motherboard, (believe me, I tore that thing apart looking for it). I have an email into Foxconn to see if they can help and also contacted Dell Support and they told me that I have to stay in the 800Mhz catagory, but can go up to a 3.6Ghz processor. So I am guessing I can be safe with the 945 or 950. I'm still researching. Thanks for all your help.

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                  it is good customers are pushing Foxconn for processors upgrades. Dimension/xps are both foxconn, since 2005 i have

                  not seen any BIOS changes which would address new procesors.

                  So in the end it is possible the new processor will not run at all or as expected.

                  Their WEB site has not been fixed up for days, the Compatilibity button will display "cannot load the page".

                  Note sspec may be overlapping, so Foxconn is the only source of qualified info.

                  Thanks Jan

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                    I have been very busy lately, sorry for late contribution.

                    I said sspec should be labeled on MB. If it is not, than follow the manual for Your PC and lift off the cooler.

                    It seems Dell dont use any paste, which gleues cooler/CPU. Intels coolers do not do either, there is a thin sheet of aluminium in between.The cooler paste will ruin( tear a hole) in  it next time You remove the cooler!

                    The sspec is on the CPU, five letters followed by revision# in braces.

                    How sspecs combines I do not know yet.