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    D415/435; SDK 2.14; Setting focus to a specific region of interest


      I have a D435 mounted on its side with the sensor side at an angle about 2m above the floor and am using the depth sensor to trigger photographs when an object comes within a certain range of a specified point within the depth image. I need the camera to be on its side because I want a portrait image (due to the height of some of the objects I want to photograph combined with the proximity to where the camera is mounted).

      Currently, I am getting pictures via the SDK, but the main region of interest is what would normally be the left half of the image if the camera was mounted normally (landscape) however I often find (especially for smaller objects) that the object of interest is slightly out of focus but the background is in perfect focus. This is of course further complicated by the fact that the object itself is often moving.

      I thought that I would be able to use the "region_of_interest" API calls to tell the sensor that I am only/more interested in a specific area, however though they appear supported in the realsense-viewer.exe, it appears that they are not supported by the "RGB Camera" sensor (according to the SDK team here) so that idea is ruled out.


      Is there another way that I can tell the camera that I want the focus within the captured RGB image to be concentrated on a particular part of the overall image?