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    Stream Depth And Y16 Simultaneously?


      Hello. We are currently working on an application that requires both depth and infrared streams of the same subject simultaneously. We are using a d415 with librealsense2.


      For the infrared streams we are trying to identify very subtle changes in light intensity and after rigorous testing we have determined that the Y8 format lacks the level of detail we require; however the Y16 stream shows more promise.


      Our issue is that we cannot find a configuration that allows for depth images to be streamed alongside Y16 images simultaneously. Is there any configuration (frame rate and resolution) that would allow for depth images to be received while streaming Y16? We are not concerned by the fact that Y16 images are unrectified and lack debayering, we simply want access to Y16 and depth simultaneously, in any form, and we will work from there (Even if we only receive Y16 from one IR Sensor).


      Alternatively, is there anyway we can process Y16 images that we receive to turn them into depth images in post? We have been trying to find the exact stereoscopic algorithm that is utilized to create the depth stream, within the source code; however we have yet to find it.


      In short, is it possible to stream Y16 and Depth simultaneously or alternatively is the depth algorithm exposed to users?