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    realsense D415 camera error




      I am using realsense D415 camera with intel Aero compute board on which I have install ubuntu 16.4.04. The usb 3.0 port is connected by intel's cable to a usb hub and the camera is attached to this hub. I clearly remember not encountering this weird problem before and everything was working fine. For some other reason I had to reinstall ubuntu and then I installed realsense SDK and ROS node realsense2_camera. I dont remember getting an error while installing them. However, now when I try to launch the "rs_camera.launch" file I get this error (see attached file). sometimes I get some warning and the camera starts and look to be working fine. Can you please help.


      The ubuntu kernel is  4.4.76-aero-1.2 and if I do lsusb I can see camera connected to usb 3.0. In my laptop there is no such error. I saw this page (librealsense / ros-wrapper issue - Failed to read busnum/devnum. · Issue #1095 · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub ) but only understand that the warning is not related and I may need to install some patch, can you please let me know what could be the reason.



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          The busnum/devnum error usually occurs on some devices that are single-board computers, rather than full PCs such as your laptop, or a desktop computer.  Examples of devices it has been reported on include small devices with Intel Atom processors such as the original Up Board and the Intel Compute Stick.


          An excellent reply by Intel support member Juan N explains to an Up Board user why small devices that use a USB 3 OTG (On The Go) port can have problems with the 400 Series camera.


          OTG is a mini-USB port designed for mobile devices that allows full USB 3.0 devices to be connected to it via an adapter or OTG cable.


          Re: Failed to read busnum/devnum


          The Intel Click store listing for the Aero Compute Board says that it also uses an OTG cable.


          It does not necessarily mean the camera is unusable on an OTG port, but there may be power issues.  There was another busnum/devnum case where the camera was usable for sample programs but would cut out when the ROS (Robot Operating System) software was additionally run.

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            Hi Marty,


            Thanks for your quick reply. That answers my question. When the camera works it works with ros and other programs running and few other things connected to usb adapter. I can get it working by plugging/unplugging few times. Just one more question, is it going to be the same if I use intel NUC single board computer?




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              If you are having to unplug-replug to reset the camera when it stalls, and you can write your own scripts, you can reduce the chances of having to do this by inserting a hardware reset instruction called hardware_reset() at the start of a script.


              Re: D435 streams work once, then crash


              Intel NUCs, though they are in a small form-factor, are not usually affected by busnum/devnum as far as I know, because they use a full USB 3 port instead of the mini OTG port.

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                I will try hardware reset in a script. You can mark this as answered, I have no more questions.


                Thanks again for your help.