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    Bluetooth vamoosed


      After the latest update (Windows driver V20.60.0), I no longer appear to have Bluetooth on my Gigabyte H97N-WIFI board.

      Tried uninstalling/re-installing/going back a version but no signs of Ol' Blue


      Saw others in the community had previously similar issues but no obvious resolution.


      Any ideas or, ideally - fixes?




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          Can you please try running this scan and install all the pending updates?



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            Thanks for the reply Chris.

            I had scanned and updated previously but since the Bluetooth device was not showing in Windows, I didn't see the Bluetooth driver listed.

            Windows 10 had all updates too.


            However, I had to physically move my PC and disconnect the power entirely.

            After re-connecting etc, Bluetooth re-appeared.

            I'm not aware that any Windows/Intel updates occurred in between


            I had of course restarted Windows more than once whilst testing but not fully disconnected the power.


            Whether it was that, the physically moving or the wind direction changing, I've no idea but back to normal for now.




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              Addendum, tell a lie, Windows Insider preview 17730.1000 updated on 5th August.

              Maybe we'll point the finger at Microsoft for this one and apologies to Intel!