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    Record D435 depth data for specific areas in real time?


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to get the depth data for specific areas of the screen in real time. In the Intel Realsense Viewer, we can place the mouse on a specific pixel and it will tell you the pixel coordinates and depth data for that specific pixel. I would like to do a similar thing, except that there are specific and multiple areas that I have selected, and then record the depth data for those areas over a short time (about 3 minutes).


      I have thought of a few approaches to this:

      1. Record the depth stream for that event and post-process the bag file.
      2. Not sure if the viewer would respond to multiple "mouses", but try to get the Viewer to recognize multiple areas of interest.
      3. Take multiple snapshots of the depth data. I have seen the data outputs from taking a snapshot of it, but I don't know how to match the png/csv files to specific locations.


      What do you think would be the best approach, and what are some resources or examples I could look at for it?


      Ideally, my program would also automatically recognize the area that starts to move first, and then record depth from that area.


      I am most comfortable with Python, and don't have very much experience in C or C++, so anything in Python would be much appreciated as well.