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    Dealing with Raid 0


      So when is Intel going to get around to dealing properly with Raid 0? The last firmware update was 5 months ago. That should have been long enough to figure out how to implement it properly.

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          Hello, I would like to let you know that the RAID limitation regarding the trim command is related directly with the hardware manufacture and the RAID controller not the Solid State Drive is what limits the trim command to work within the operating system.

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            Thats kind of a copout. Intel has their name on the product, as such I fully expect Intel to implement whatever it takes to correct this problem. Either technical expertiseto aid the manufacturer of the controller or change manufacturer. I purchased Intel because their name was on the product, nothing was said about another manufacturer being involved.

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              You are choosing to do RAID with SSD's this changes how the OS sees the SSD's which makes it a RAID controller problem.


              The problem then is being able to send a trim command per SSD in the array by the OS seeing the data on the array and the RAID controller knowing how that data is stored across the array, with that the OS sees what is free space by the array which the RAID controller knows where that free space is across the array for the RAID controller to send a trim command per SSD in the array. THIS IS A HARD FING TO DO it is likely harder then doing RAID 5 and needing to support all types of RAID and different stripe sizes.


              ...and then making it work for all types of RAID controllers like hardware ones might not be possible but software RAID controllers are more likely possible which many will not like the sound of because it would mean new hardware RAID controllers that can handle the trim command per SSD in the array.

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                It still Intel'sproblem to supply a controler that supports  their impletation of SSD. If the X58 doesent do the job they need to fix that.

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                  It still might not be technically possible in ways beyond are understanding this is just not easy as turning a light on.


                  The way I see it is that fully hardware RAID controllers that even Intel has currently might never support TRIM on RAID for SSD being that TRIM would likely have to be a hardware implemented because it does all the work on the card. This makes the low end RAID ICH/PCH solution look better with everyone needing to get a new hardware RAID controller that supports TRIM if existing hardware RAID controller can't be supported for TRIM with ICH/PCH might being able to do it because its software with hardware just to make it bootable.


                  Its a long way from saying it can be done from might be able to so we will just have to wait until its been made official by an independent researcher that explains it.

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                    I own a Intel 160GB  G2 , and I've been looking at this raid probelm, Now don't get me wrong i'm a Intel FAN . But I talked to the folks at western Digital and they say in a RAID O set up their Garbage collection works anyway. So you don't have to worry about Trim.  I have two 128 GB WD SSDs But have not had time to try this out. Will post results , To be Continued.

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                      Hello, with regard to trim, I am using a 160gb X25m G2 in my laptop and I find the toolbox optimizer works well. In my desktop I have used Crucial's 256gb C300 configured as R20 and R30 using at one time either onboard ich10R or an LSi 9260 raid card. Micron's garbage collection actually does work as my regular benchmarks have shown virtually no detectable degradation in performance over time. So speaking for Micron, at least, their GC is capable of maintaining their drive in a raid config.