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    Debug PCI TDI/TDO


      Dear Intel community.

      I am new here. So.. hi!

      I hope you'll be able to drive me in the right direction. I need some technical advices.


      I am building a custom hardware that should interface with a PC via the PCI bus.

      It currently works quite good.


      Next step would be to have two (and more) slave boards connected on different PCI slots.

      Since I would like to be able to share a signal between them and this signal should be generated by a board I was thinking about using the TDI/TDO JTAG pins.


      Do you think it could be feasable? How are routed these signals? Does exist any documentation?

      Is it possible to debug these pins on the Intel Desktop Board D945GCL or any other board (apart from hardwiring a probe on the pci socket)?


      Many thanks for any help you could provide.

      Best regards,