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    Creating Windows form elements on Unite Plugin UI




      I am working on creating Unite plugin with a UI which contains some static text in the form of a table and contains some graphs.


      I have explored the Unite SDK API documentation and found that there are only 2 UI elements: Information and Button(belong to PluginUIElement:UIElementsType).


      With the information and button the UI is already organized in the form a icon grid due to which the text getting added is very limited(approximately 12 characters per line not exceeding 2 lines).


      I would like to know if we can add the Windows form UI elements(like text box, labels, text etc) to the Unite plugin UI and also can we display graphs on the Unite Plugin??


      Also, can we launch a Windows form from Unite plugin which supports all the UI components of Windows???



      intelunite intel_unite inteluniteplugin plugin unite plugin pluginui



      Srujana K