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    Where to download igdkmd64.sys for Windows 7 Pro




      On my 6-year-old Latitude E5520 I have the latest Win 7 version of igdkmd64.sys, June 1 2015, no longer supported by Intel. Have been getting repeated STOP BSODs, with no specific error message. If my driver is simply corrupted there should be some place I can download a clean one. My Dell Latitude supposedly has a recovery partition, but I don't know how to access it. There is no restore point that would fix this, as this is a recent issue but the driver is 3 years old. Plus I checked my only two restore points and they're not relevant.


      Of course I might have a hardware problem -- metal fatigue crack, whatever -- but if not, simply refreshing the driver should resolve the issue. Why is it so hard to find a simple download of this one file? Downloads.Intel.com seems to have only the 32-bit version, or the 64-bit version for more recent Windows versions. Different file size. Mine is 5.13 MB (5,384,176 bytes).


      TIA! Don't make me beg! I'm limping around in Safe Mode. I saw a post where someone said they could use standard VGA, so I can try using a smaller older monitor -- my new one is HDMI only. But I don't know what else I'm locked out of when using Safe Mode.