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    D415, SDK 2.0 with Windows 10 LTSB?


      Has anyone used SDK 2.0 and the D415 sensor on Windows 10 LTSB?


      We are considering using LTSB for our embedded product and are interested if anyone has tested this configuration.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Apparently, the main differences between Windows 10 LTSB and the regular Windows 10 is a lack of features such as UWP, Edge browser and Cortana AI assistant.  Apart from that, it should run like regular Windows 10.  So in theory, the 400 Series cameras should be able to work with LTSB.  Apart from Windows 10, the main hardware requirement for the camera is just a USB 3.x port.  The 400 Series can work with any Intel or ARM processor.




          There have been no reported issues on these Intel forums in regard to RealSense cameras.  Though that can simply mean that nobody has tried it yet.

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            Thanks for the information!


            The main thing we are concerned about is the OS version with LTSB.. Since the LTSB doesn't get feature updates we are concerned that we might be missing something.

            Here's what we can find from MS at the moment:


            Windows 10 current versions by servicing option

            VersionServicing optionAvailability dateOS buildLatest revision date
            1803Semi-Annual Channel7/10/201817134.1677/16/2018Microsoft recommends
            1803Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)4/30/201817134.1677/16/2018
            1709Semi-Annual Channel1/18/201816299.5517/16/2018
            1709Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)10/17/201716299.5517/16/2018
            1703Semi-Annual Channel7/11/201715063.12097/16/2018
            1703Current Branch (CB)4/11/201715063.12097/16/2018
            1607Current Branch for Business (CBB)11/29/201614393.23687/16/2018
            1607Current Branch (CB)8/2/201614393.23687/16/2018
            1607Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB)8/2/201614393.23687/16/2018
            1507 (RTM)Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB)7/29/201510240.179187/16/2018


            So.. the trick is to make sure version 1607 is enough!


            We are planning a test to be sure, but we were hoping someone else might be running already to confirm as well.


            Thanks again!





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              The linked-to article says "Microsoft has said that the next LTSB will ship sometime in 2019 but has not revealed a release date.  Because of Windows 10's standardized schedule, it will be named either 1903 (and released in March / April) or 1909 (September / October)".


              The article also says that the term Current Branch has been retired by Microsoft and it is now called Semi Annual Channel.  So you should be able to use the Semi Annual Channel version 1803 that was released this month.  Its build, 17134, is also known as the "Windows 10 April 2018 Update" on the regular Windows 10 version (though it actually came out in May).  I am running the D415 camera fine on Build 17134 (regular Windows 10 version).