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    Intel Pro 1000, Hyper-V Teaming and VLAN Problem




      I'm migrating a Hyper-V R1 Cluster to R2. In this case I'm restructuring the old Network Setup.
      the scenario is like this:


      - 4 Cluster Nodes
      - connected to 2 Switches with an 8 Port LACP-Team
      - 1 untagged and 4 additional tagged VLANs


      The problem I'm having is, that i can use the tagging of Hyper-V without Teaming, but when i use Teaming and Setup VLANs on the Trunk, i cannot use them in Hyper-V.
      I tried the following things:
      - using the Hyper-V Tagging feature for the VM directly on the Trunk-NIC
      - using the Intel driver to setup NICs for the VLANs and use them directly in Hyper-V
      - enabled and disabled the VlanFiltering via Registry on the Intel NICs


      The problem is, that the tagging is working on the parent partition. Even the parent partition an the VM can communicate.
      The strange thing is, i can not ping both, VM nor parent partition from another host in the tagged vlan. But I sometimes can ping the host from the VM.


      I believe it's some strange tagfiltering behaviour of the Intel driver or the Hyper-V switch.


      does anyone have an idea how to get this setup working?