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    Intel HD Graphics, "Scale Full Screen" in games isn't working with HDMI





      Intel HD Graphics, "Scale Full Screen" in games isn't working with HDMI, if a 3d game is started with lower resolution than monitor's resolution it appears like framed by a big black frame.



      Dell laptop based on intel n3710.

      Windows 10

      Drivers ver

      HDMI cable connected to a big extrenal display   LG 2442t-bna, using an HDMI VGA adapter (chinese no-name brand, but it shows so hacking precise and beautiful picture!)

      There were no tests made with the direct HDMI-HDMI connection, but the full screen scale of windows and linux OS UIs works very well and looks very beautiful, so I think the adapter isn't a source of a problem.



      Full screen scaling in games isn't working when using HDMI

      (It works well with the output to laptop's matrix)


      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Connect a big external display through HDMI f.e. LG 2442t-bna
      2. Open Intel HD Graphics control panel, go to "General Settings" , check "Scale full screen" , "override app's settings", or uncheck them They don't make any difference.

      3. Open some 3d game and set a resolution lower, than on the monitor.

      Tested With: Unreal Tournament'99, modes: OpenGL, D3D, DX9, DX10 support, software rendering mode - no difference.
      Quake1 On Dark Places engine (LordHavoc's DarkPlaces Quake Modification ) - no difference.

      4. Try to change compatibility modes for these apps - no difference (no other games were tested so far, these apps were working perfectly on my old dell Alienware but it died and I've purchased a new laptop).



      The reason to lower a resolution a little bit is:

      1. In old games - to small fonts in game menus that can't be enlarged
      2. In new games - on this video card very high resolution causes a low FPS or requires to use the lowest graphics settings.


      Similar problem was discussed a few years ago but links in this topic are broken.
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