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    Board DG43NB


      This system Pentium D 805 SL8ZH 2.66 Ghz with ECS PT890T-A mother board has run for over 3 years without issue, Windows Home Server.  This week noticed something wrong as it was no longer on the network.  Rebooting would complete the bios post sometimes then hang, then others attempts it wouldn't complete the post.


      Upon multiple reboots, then lost ability to display the from the VGA Nvidia GeFord 7200GS, the keyboard was showing no LED's for caps lock, num lock, and the Linksys PCI network card showed no signs of life from the onboard PCI card LED's.


      I swapped the power supply, RaidMax ATX12V 380W.  No change.


      Purchased and installed Intel mother board DG43NB.


      I get no display from the VGA or the DVI outputs, can't see any bios activity.  The LED's on the keyboard only flash upon the intial power on.


      Interesting note with the Intel MB installed, while powering on the system will run for about 5 seconds, the system shutsdown then powers back on all on it's own.  Still don't get any VGA or DVI output so it's difficult to tell if anything is happening at all.


      Seems odd that the result after the new Intel motherboard didn't change the symptoms I had assumed was caused from a bad ECS motherboard.  Other than a single green LED on the Intel DG43NB I'm not sure how or what to try next to troubleshoot.  Any ideas?

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          Which memory do you use?

          I have the same board (with latest BIOS) as you and 2x Kingston KVR667D2N5 2GB (Both Intel and Kingston recommends it).

          I have exactly the same problem as you when I use both modules at once, but no problems using only one.


          Edit: I should also say that both of my modules have passed memtest86.

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            I'm using quantity 2 of Crucial Part #: CT25664AA667 • DDR2 PC2-5300 • CL=5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-667 • 1.8V • 256Meg x 64.  This memory isn't officially approved or listed on Intel's site, but is listed as compatible by Crucial.


            Intel doesn't list my specific proc Pentium D 805 SL8ZH as compatible, but seems they simply don't include older processors in this list, only new or recent procs.  Everything that I've read so far in specification data sheets hasn't indicated any incompatibilities, but has indicated compatible.  So I'm at loss here unless someone knows something I don't.


            The only thing that's carry over to this board is the memory and processor.  I've shed the Geforce Video card, since this board has built in VGA and DVI.  I've shed the Linksys PCI nic for the onboard 10/100/1000 on the Intel Mother board.


            I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a new processor like the E7400.  I don't have anything substantial to indicate the proc is bad.  Though it could be, just don't have way to prove it.


            Will a motherboard boot at all without a proc or memory installed?  I'm not sure what to expect from a known good motherboard in this scenario if one tried to boot.  Not sure if anything would be displayed, or if any of the bios sequence would be visible.


            I've gone as far as unplugging the SATA DVD and HD, along with the two PATA drives.  This leaves no peripherals plugged in.  Just the power supply DB9 connected mouse/keyboard.


            At this point its hard to do anything without any thing visually being displayed on the monitor.


            Will the motherboard/bios error beeps be heard on external speakers plugged into the mini audio port, or would they only be audible an internal PC speaker connected directly to the motherboard?


            Why when turning the power on would it run for 3 to 5 seconds, then power down, and restart and run continuously on its own?  Mine does this every time and something that's consistent with its current state of build.


            Not exactly sure what the next troubleshooting step could or should be.

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              Seems like the board has a speaker built in since it beeps and runs good when I'm anly using one module. Have you tried to boot with only 1 memory module?

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                I did try to boot from one DIMM.  I popped out the DIMM in channel B and no positive changes as a result.

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                  Well Intel Chat Support tells me the Pentium D dual core processor isn't compatible.  So I ordered a E6500 Pentium 2.93Ghz dual core.  So I'll see if this changes the symptoms.


                  Intel also tells me the bios won't do anything without a proper processor and memory installed on the MB.