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    Older Motherboard D845GVAD2


      I know I should get a newer model but Hey...anyway does anyone know if this motherboard have 2.2 pci compliant, I want to get a capture card and it requires 2.2 pci compliant Please help

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          This board has ICH4 - 82801DB.


          From the Datasheet for ICH4:


          PCI Bus Interface
          — Supports PCI Revision 2.2 Specification at 33 MHz
          — 133 MB/sec maximum throughput
          — Supports up to six master devices on PCI
          — One PCI REQ/GNT pair can be given higher arbitration priority (intended for external 1394 host controller)
          — Support for 44-bit addressing on PCI using DAC


          So i would magine that it is 2.2 ver compliant.


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