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    how to turn off auto_exposure and set a exposure value on D415


      I am using the python wrapper for a project, where I want to set the enable_auto_exposure first so that the camera can adjust to the proper exposure value, then disable the setting and confirm to use the adjusted exposure. However, it does not work. It seems like the auto_exposure only adjust something else but actually not tuning the exposure value.


      could someone show me the example code ?

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          There was another discussion where somebody was turning off auto-exposure and using manual exposure.  You may be able to adapt their code to achieve your goal.


          Manual Exposure Modification d415


          For example, you could first disable automatic exposure with  sensor.set_option(RS2_OPTION_ENABLE_AUTO_EXPOSURE, false);


          Then get the current exposure (the last value set before auto-exposure was disabled):




          And make a custom-named manual exposure variable (such as the new_exposure used in that linked-to case) equal to the current exposure value above.  Something like this structure:


          new_exposure = sensor.get_option(RS2_OPTION_EXPOSURE)


          And set the exposure manually using that custom variable:


          sensor.set_option(RS2_OPTION_EXPOSURE, new_exposure);