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    X-25M Issues


      Just bought an Intel X-25m SSD.  Installed Windows 7 64-bit and everything seems to be running fine.

      I downloaded and installed the Intel SSD Toolbox and I it was reporting  "error connecting to drive".

      The drive seems to be running fine. TRIM is enabled in the OS and defrag  was automatically turned off


      Now when I run AS SSD the drive is shown running the pciide driver. My motherboard doesn't have any settings for  IDE/AHCI/SATA modes (mobo motherboard info linked below).


      Is there any way to get this drive running like it should be? The performance isn't stunning (look at the numbers below).


      PC Specs

      Biostar TForce TF570 SLI

      AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+

      BFG GeForce  8800 GTX OC

      4096MB PC6400 DDR2

      Intel X-25M 80GB SSD





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          Looks to me that you are not running in AHCI mode, which is why AS SSD shows pciide. You would need to set BIOS to AHCI and install AHCI driver, such as the default msahci.sys or Intel IRST


          By changing to AHCI, you will get much better performance, and AS SSD scores will be significantly higher--picture below shows AHCI with Intel driver.


          as-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSA2M080 3.29.2010 2-54-59 PM.png

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            Thanks for the response.


            My motherboard doesn't support AHCI. You can't change the type unfortunately. I also can't change the driver to the default msahci.sys driver because the nForce controller driver si seen as better (assuming because AHCI isn't set).


            I decided to purchase a new motherboard that supports AHCI. It should be here on Tuesday. Can't wait to see the SSD work in all it's glory.

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              OK, but I suggest you use the Intel driver I mentioned above instead of the default msahci driver for best results.

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                The new motherboard uses an AMD chipset. I thought the Intel drivers required the chipset to be Intel brand? Is there a way to get the Intel version installed? Which driver version do you recommend?

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                  I didn't know your new motherboard was an AMD chipset. In that case, the only driver I know for you would be default msahci.sys from Windows 7. You could ask at an AMD forum and possibly get some other suggestion.

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                    i just want to ask if my postville 80gb performs how it should?

                    i'm using the latest intel drivers, ahci is set in bios

                    my system: asus n71jq, core i7 720qm, 4gb ddr3, win7 64bit

                    only 20gb of the 80gb are in use...

                    here are the results (plugged in and with the high performance profile):


                    i don't know if some energy saving settings decrease the performance of my ssd?

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                      Your 4K Read and Write looks bad. Now that might be due to configurations, such as BIOS. CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) disabled yields better results. Your motherboard may have C1, C2, C3, etc. I really need to check into that further. I assume you have Disk Defragmenter turned off for your SSD.


                      It is also possible you may need to run the Optimizer from SSD Toolbox one time. There could be something else going on with your setup. But, let's take it step by step.


                      Here is a picture of what I get with AS SSD shown below.


                      as-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSA2M080 3.29.2010 2-54-59 PM.png

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                        One other thing, do you have the latest TRIM firmware 02HD?

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                          the latest firmware is installed, the defragmenter is turned off and the ssd hast just been optimized with the toolbox...

                          my system is a laptop, so there are no "advannced" bios settings as c1-3 options

                          are there any tools which check the c-states of the cpu?

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                            The problem may be that you're using a Laptop. I am not familiar with Laptops, but I have seen quite a few people with issues using a Laptop with regard to speed. Does your Laptop support SATA 2 or is it SATA 1?


                            The BIOS is where you would find C1, etc.


                            If your Laptop is/supports SATA 2, I suggest you start a new thread with Laptop in the subject title so that those with Laptops can provide help.

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                              my problem moved to an own thread http://communities.intel.com/thread/12840 (it supports sata2)

                              thank you for trying to help me!