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    Bad_Module_Info Error for Multiple Games After Optane Memory Module Installation


      After installing the 32gb Optane Memory Module, I am noticing COMPLETELY random game freezes and then crashes about 4 seconds after the freeze. Something I want to make VERY clear is that I'm not 100% sure if the memory module is to blame for this, or if perhaps it is one of the many BIOS options that I had to configure in order to get it to work, but I think it is reasonable to assume that either one of these is the culprit, as I've never had this crash for any game before installation.

      The games that I have experienced this crash on are Arma 3 and Ark: Survival Evolved, and as I said, there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to when or why it crashes. I have tried solvants offered online, such as disabling fullscreen optimization, but this makes no difference whatsoever.

      I'm not sure what files would be required in order to receive help here, so I'll wait for someone to tell me what files they need.