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    TPM for Motherboard S2600CW2R


      I was informed the motherboard is an Intel MB-2600 CW2R  (S2600CW2R)


      Here is the System Information from the BIOS


      System Information taken from the BIOS

                  Board Part #:   H12881-270

                                 Serial #:    FWCT62510649


      BMC   Firmware Revision:   1.43.9685

      ME     Firmware Revision:


      SDR    Revision: SDR Package   D1.13


      UUID: 1AF68680376411E68000A4BF0108E034


      The Motherboard did not come with a TPM Chip Installed.  The Goal is to run Bitlocker on this Server 2016.

      Problem - the only Encryption the backup software (Axcient) can work with is the recent Bitlocker software ...



           Will this MB run the TPM 2.0 Chip or can it only use the TPM 1.2 chip?

                 If TPM 2.0 will work on this Motherboard - what is part number ?

           - OR -

                Does the TPM 1.2 chip work with the latest BitLocker?

                What is the part number for the TPM 1.2 chip for this MB (where do I get it)?


      I assuming I will need to do a Firmware upgrade - I understand this firmware upgrade(s) is not as straight forward as they have been in the past ….


      I have done considerable research and feel I know less know than when I started … I know that is not true - but I found a lot of, I believe, closely related information,

      gaps in what is needed or not needed or will not work or work 'If"


      Thank you


      Joe Mechinus <REMOVED FOR PRIVACY>


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