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    New build - it is not working


      New Build

      Intel DP55WG MoBo

      Intel i5-661

      GeForce GTS250

      2x2GB DDR3PC3-10600 Memory

      No sound from on board speaker

      Black screen, I have tried two good monitors, both stay black

      Post codes stops at F4

      Tries to reboot but always ends at F4


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          Minimum BIOS version is 4905 for the Core i5 661 and the DP55WG.




          I'd imagine that's the issue.  If you could get your hands on a Core i5 750 / Core i7 8xx you'd know for sure.

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            Thanks Gize. I do not have access to any other Core i series. I built some years ago but at least I got some output, i.e., beeps or a screen but I am not getting any sound from the on board speaker or any glimmer on the screen. The last code on POST is a 4F not the F4 that I said before. I removed one memory strip and left the remaining one in Channel A, DIMM 0.

            Any other ideas?

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              You should check your mobo´s bios version and compare it with the compatible Cpus, if your cpu is not in the list and you cant lend another cpu for testing, go where you bought the mobo and tell them to upgrade the bios for you, and if at the end the board is not comaptible with your cpu, or if the board is damaged try to rma it.


              Dont mess to much with it, you could just burn your cpu(that if the cpu is working ok), you should bring the cpu to the store too.


              Anyways for the fast solution, i dont know about your board but, in mine(dx58so) it is not recomendable to use the channel A dim 1 (the black slot), if your board does have a black slot, try to connect the ram in the blue slot and try with just 1 stick, if the problem persist, try with another memory stick, could be a bad ram stick.


              Check also the configuration jumper position, it must be in the normal posisiton (generaly position 1,2).


              Good luck!!

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                The Technical Product Specification lets you know the post codes (Page 71 and on):  http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18132/eng/DP55WG_TechProdSpec.pdf


                40-4F:  Reserved for future use.


                From what I can deduce, you're not going to have the BIOS revision required for support of that processor:


                E57269-403:  3206

                E57269-405:  3878

                E57269-406:  4816


                Miguel's suggestions are also good, check the BIOS config jumper, make sure it's 1-2 and not loose or off.  Go back to where you bought it and get them to update the BIOS (assuming you bought locally).


                A few other things to try:

                • Remove all the RAM and power it on.  If you get three beeps, your RAM may not be compatible with the board.
                • Different power supply.
                • Take the board out of the case and power it up on a static free surface (i.e. wood).