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    DG35EC - No Display may be booting problem


      Hi all,


      I am Using Intel's DG35EC mobo.

      For last few days I am facing a strange problem.

      Whenever i start my PC, I will get no display, video card fan runs at high speed. I can see other components becoming on, CPU fan running etc. Then I turn off PC.

      After 1 & 1/2 hour  I again turn on the pc this time also GPU fan runs at high speed for some time & then calm down. Now my PC boots & works well after that. This is  happenning to me daily..

      I have checked RAMs with Memtest & they are working fine. One more strange thing once I turned on the PC without RAM's but there are no beeps from Motherboard.


      Is there any problem with my motherboard. Any help will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks for reading........

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          It seems the cause of the problem may be a BIOS-related corruption, based on the fact it sounds like it's a random one; thus, I'd recommend clearing the CMOS as follows:


          Reminder: Please, ensure you wear an anti-ESD bracelet on an anti-ESD surface.


          Unplug the power cord, remove all non-basic components; remove the RTC (Real Time Clock) battery and leave it out for 20 minutes. After this period of time, insert the battery back in, connect the power cord back in, and turn the system back into BIOS; then, do the following:


          1. Once in the BIOS setup utility, press <F9> to restore BIOS default settings.

          2. Reset any customized BIOS settings.

          3. Clear all DMI event logs by setting the option to "Enable", which is located in the Advanced/Event Log Configuration section of the BIOS Setup utility.

          4. Finally, press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system.


          Note: A basic computer configuration would consist of the following: keyboard, mouse, processor, memory, hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy drive, video card, and monitor.   No other add-in should be installed.