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    Cyberlink Power dvd asks for intel sgx drivers


      As technology evolves we face new interesting issues

      I am a consumer end user desperately trying to find a way to PLAY 4K UHD HDR 10 BIT MOVIES

      I have high end software that   I am trying to play 4k uhd hdr movies from a Microsoft windows  10 pro ver 1803

      Microsoft tech support has stated that 4k uhd hdr is not a feature of windows but a technical issue between the desktop pc GPU and the

      Display device.. COREL makes a end user app called POWER DVD ULTRA 18 this app will play 4k uhd on the windows 10 pro platform

      But the app power dvd cannot play 4k uhd without INTEL SGX.

      I understand that people need to protect movies with HDCP 2.2 between the end user play device and the end user desktop GPU and the display device


      How may I buy find download INTEL SGX that is required to play 4k uhd hdr movies from my desktop pc.


      How may I ask find buy download or beg to have INTEL SGX Software so an end user can play 4k uhd movies on my windows desktop pc..