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    D400, can a pick be taken while a pic is being transfered.


      I know Intel does not actively support interfacing to the D400 through the 50 pin hookup.



      Does anyone know, either in general with MIPI cameras, or specifically with the D400, whether it is possible to:



      1.  initiate a PIC

      2.  finish the PIC

      3.  start transfering PIC

      4.  WHILE PIC IS TRANSFERRING, initiate second PIC

      5.  finish second PIC

      6.  transfer second PIC



      1. Initiate PIC

      2. transfer PIC according to exposure at the moment

      3. continue exposure

      4. finish PIC, and transfer with full exposure.




      I'm trying to figure out whether I will be able to compensate for background light, (by taking two very close pictures, or one with partial exposure).  I need background lighting, especially sun, to be removed as much as possible.


      Any information would be welcome.