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    NUC5i3RYB cannot display BIOS in either HDMI or miniDP in the DellU2715h


      Hi, I have been on the fence on this question, because I never had to change any bios settings and mostly the Bios updates launched by INTEL were all express, so I was able to update the bios through windows. However the round of latest (read as the RYBDWi35.86A.0370] requires a USB and access to the bios.


      i used to be able to access the bios screen by plugging the NUC into my laptops HDMI_IN port and I could see the bios screen displayed on the laptops screen. But this laptop has been relocated and as such I have no access to same. The nuc works perfectly boots well into windows and all that jazz, no concerns regarding any display issues (Well all except the NXP Near field Prox being unable to start as per some driver issue, that I can’t seem to resolve.


      i am running  win10pro on 8GB  ram, and a SATA6 2.5drive with all updates applied from win10 EXCEPT the recent spring update (18xx) because of it causing massive issues.