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    DP55WB Tempature reading reversed?


      My board has been running fine.

      Then the other day The tempature has been off allot. Inside of case will read around 25c and board.

      But the Processor thermal margin in Intel desktop utilities shows that idle my cpu sites around 70c - 75c.

      When I use any type of load program or gaming the tempature drops down to 55c gradually. without changing the cpu fan speed.

      still shows same idle reading in bios to.


      worked it out that the tempature is backwards.

      Is there any fix to this? I updated to latest bios. And even downgraded.


      I'm running the dp55wb with a i5 750

      2 x 1gb sticks of ocz gold ram.

      Yasya air heatsink. has no problem cooling before.

      I've re mounted and new thermal paste a few times to check.