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    DG43GT Updating bios to version 0031


      Hi to all.


      I want to share my experience updating bios of this mainboard to latest version: 0031.


      This just to help anyone encounter problem flashing the bios.


      I had lot of problems flashing bios with this mainboard since I use it; the first problem I found is that the ISO mathod (the one I prefer) don't work (since ver. 0024) because the IFLASH2.EXE utility contained in the ISO was damaged (or wrong) and always fail to run giving a long error string of the EXE file, this was solvable replacing the IFLASH2.EXE file with an older one (es. from version 0019) of using the IFLASH2.EXE contained in the ZIP version of the bios.

      (this is the case of 0031 bios).


      I did so:


      1) I replace the IFLASH2.EXE in the ISO image with the one contained in the ZIP version of the bios update.

      2) So the bios flash procedure start, computer reboot and update process start, but... it hang flashing the Intel Managemente Engine Firmware (pratically it does not flash the bios at all (you could reset pc if don't go ahead after 10 min). Runninge the IFLASH2.EXE from windows installer or from an USB pen (using ZIP bios update) give the same problem. I run IFLASH2.EXE with the parameter that display error code of last bios update try (run IFLASH.EXE /? to see all parameters available) an it report the error code: 0015h (in the forum I found no help about this error code).

      3) I put the CD i make (with IFLASH2.EXE modified) in the DVD reader, then I power off the PC.

      4) I set the "Bios configuration Jumper Block (see mainboard picture) to Recovery, the I power up the PC it start without video output and load bios update from the cd; the whole procedure goest to the end succesfully and bios went updated. Before power on the pc next put the jumper to Normal position.


      With bios update 0031 we can enable AHCI function for SATA HDD and load in windows the Intel Rapid Storage drivers ver. 960-1014


      I hope this will help anyone have this problem, since many peaple (I see in the forum) have problems updating bios to Intel mainboard; I hope yet that may be an Intel technician wil read this and fix the future release of the bios.




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          I am really fearing to go for recovery mode as it damaged the motherboard two times.

          I want to double check with you about the recovery mode process. if you don't mind, could you elaborate more about it?

          When I try the recovery-mode, I switched-off the system and replaced the jumper to "normal-mode" as poromted to change the jumper after successful completion of the Bios Update.

          But after re-start, the system is going to re-boot loop (i.e. re-booting for every 5 sec. (aprox.)). There is no POST and display.


          Please advice.


          Thanks in advance!


          Venkateswara Rao

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            Sorry, I described exactly what I do, and it run successfully (I was using bios ver.0028).


            After boot-up with the jumper set to "Recovery" and the CD inserted (with the ISO bios+IFLASH2.EXE modified!) pc run without displaying nothing.

            It start loading in the background from the CD and then reboot the PC; now it display the normal bios-boot graphics and start the flashing procedure.

            This time it does the full flash of the bios and then power off the PC (or ask to do it).

            At this point I move the jumper to "Normal" and boot normally.


            P.S.: If you have Windows 7 already installed and want to enable AHCI you must:


            1) Run Windows with AHCI set to OFF (Normal)

            2) Modify a registry key in windows to enable the AHCI recognition (search on internet how to enable AHCI in Windows 7)

            3) Restart system and enable AHCI function

            4) Windows will boot and recognize the controller, then you coud install Intel Rapid Technology driver.

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              Were there any issue(s) that you were trying to fix by updating the BIOS to ver 0031?