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    Displays not detected until after Intel Control Panel "Detect"


      Hey everyone: New to this space.  I joined because I am switching to a new PC and bringing two Viewsonic VX2355WM monitors with me and they are not working correctly.  When I boot the computer, they show "No signal detected" right away and soft-power off.  I have the 630 chipset.  The Viewsonics are attached using 1 DVI to Displayport adapter and 1 DVI to HDMI cable.  Neither works in any configuration with either or both plugged/unplugged, etc.


      I thought I found the solution: I unattached one of them and attached a working monitor so I can see the Windows desktop.  Then I opened Intel Graphics Control Panel: Display/Mutiple Displays (where only 1 monitor shows; the temporary one) and click Detect.  After a brief pause it finds the remaining Viewsonic still attached and that monitor gets a signal, displays a screen, and shows up as an additional display.  I can then unattach the temporary monitor and reattach the other Viewsonic.  Using Intel Graphis Control Panel again on the working Viewsonic, I am able to Detect and have the 2nd Viewsonic appear... viola, both Viewsonics are working with no issues.


      The problem is everytime I reboot the computer, they go back to the exact same symptoms, and I have to use the temp monitor again to redetect one at a time.  Notable that neither Viewsonic monitor is ever working during POST or Windows loading.  Only after I click "Detect".


      I have tried updating the driver for the monitor in Device Manager (which then finds the correct VX2355WM drivers instead of the basic windows compatible Plug and Play monitor), and I have updated the Intel driver to version  Neither has worked to allow the monitors to persist after reboot.


      Given that the monitors were working fine on the old system, and work fine after the above steps, and that other monitors that I've plugged in work with no issues, it seems like this is a simple driver issue.  I would appreciate any assistance and am happy to test solutions.