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    Thunderbolt Service makes Windows 10



      for the last month I was unable to boot my Windows 10 Partition in a normal way. The computer always got stuck at the blue Windows icon. The only way could boot into Windows 10 was using the reset buton on my computer's case.

      I've tried some basic diagnostics, including System file control and chkdsk commands. Later I tried disabling 3rd party services using msconfig.

      The service which caused the problem was Thunderbolt Service by Intel corporation. Disabling it resolved the issue.

      I am using Asrock Z170 Extreme 4 motherboard with Thunderbolt 2 Add in Card. The card passes the dedicated graphics card output to my Apple Thunderbolt monitor.

      I am concerned about disabling the service. Can it make my Thunderbolt devices unusable?

      Unfortunatelly I didn't find any way to report this issue to Intel....

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          Thunderbolt™ is a system ingredient that is customized by each OEM differently on their platforms. We support NUC related issues with the Thunderbolt, but otherwise any product questions need to get directed to the PC or device OEM. I apologize for the inconvenience.



          Mary T.

          Support Community Manager