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    Laptop with Intel 620 graphics freezes when hibernating.


      I have an Acer Nitro 5 Spin 8th gen i5 with the 620 graphics. With the Intel drivers installed I cannot hibernate the computer with the lid open, or it freezes and I have to hard reset it.

      With the Microsoft generic drivers this issue is resolved, but then it will assign programs like MS word to run on the 1050, and games to run on the i-gpu, and I cannot get them to switch.

      I have refreshed and reinstalled windows several times, and on a fresh install it still has the issue once I enable hibernation.

      So, I have tried every 620 driver revision I can get my hands on and have made no progress, is there something I am missing or something I can do to resolve this issue? I tried to get the Dell version of the 620 drivers but I couldn't force them to install and I need to ghet this laptop working for school in August. Any help/tips would be very appreciated.