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    10-15 sec response time after idling with laptop


      Hello everyone,


      Recently I've purchased a batch of Intel SSD G2 80g (X25-M) for my work. When I installed them on desktop PCs they work great, so far no problems.

      Now as I proceed to install them onto laptops, it didn't matter which kind of laptops (we use either e6400 or e4300 from dell) the drive would take a very long time to respond after having no read/write activity to it.


      For example, if I leave the laptop idle for 20minutes, it would literally take 10-15seconds to open either windows explorer or any program. It would also not be responsive even if I was working on something, ie an excel file, however not constantly saving.


      It seems however, during this time the system is perfectly responsive from a standpoint where id I'm interacting with something already in RAM. For example if I'm working on something in word, it would still display my input.


      The OS we use is windows XP, we have the drives manually aligned with diskpar.

      The SSDs have the latest firmware on them, 2CV102HD.

      This is persistant whether if I'm running on AHCI or ATA.

      Latest BIOS/Chipset Drivers on the laptops.

      This problem does not occur with a normal hard drive in the Laptop.


      Any kind of input would be helpful.


      Thank you for your time,