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    FPC Cable to connect D4 board to D430 depth module


      Hello, I am interested in using an FPC cable to connect the 50-pin receptacle on the D4 processor board (I-PEX part no. 20709-050E) to the respetcive connector on the D430 depth module (I-PEX part no. 20708-050E). Page 47 on the RealSense 400-series datasheet (https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/Intel_RealSense_Depth_Cam_D400_Series_Datasheet.pdf ) seems to suggest that the cable is custom designed by the system integrator. Are these cables readily available for purchase? If not, should one get the two I-PEX connectors and design a custom flex circuit to interface between the two?

      Thank you for your help!