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    Intel RST no longer present since windows 10 update


      have a toshiba Satellite A505 Core I3. For quite a while I had the Intel RST running on my system. It was originally Win7 upgraded to Windows 10 a few years back. I had the RST driver working which reduced my Disk utilization drastically.  Since a windows 10 udate about 2 months ago Im not longer able to install it. I get



      2018:07:10 16:14:09:843: E Win32 exception occurred!!

      2018:07:10 16:14:09:844:     Error code: 0x4E24 (20004)

      2018:07:10 16:14:09:845:     Error text: ''

      2018:07:10 16:14:09:846:     Extended error text: 'Error in device matching'

      2018:07:10 16:14:09:847:     Debug info: 'Setup.cpp (916)'

      2018:07:10 16:14:09:848:   Node is not valid. Failed to resolved error string from config file error: 20004

      2018:07:10 16:14:09:849:   propertyId: 8095, serror: This platform is not supported. errorCode: 20004


      My disk usage is staying above 90%