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    forum archives, hyperstereo, D410 brackets


      a question,a feature request and product info ... all in one post!!!


      Where can I access the forum archives?  I can only see about the last two weeks worth of discussions.


      Product Info

      I have already begun implementing hyperstereo.  I have found that by using the rear mounting holes on the back of the cameras and hooking them up to a small piece of channel ... from Home Depot... I can get reasonably aligned images, suitable for analysis.  By using two cameras, I can get any baseline I want.  Fun stuff.  I have a D415,D435 and a D410(which matches the IR cameras on the D415).  I can't find the mounting brackets for the d410... where's the kit?


      Feature request:


      I would like to be able to put the hyperstereo data back through the D400 processor.  I can analyze it all myself, but it isn't exactly a priority for me.  ... a great project for the RealSense Team... go Team!!! :





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          I've never come across a traditional archiving interface on the Intel forums.  Finding what you need tends to be a mixture of luck and being good at keyword searching.   My own technique for researching questions rleated to the 400 Series is to often include the words 'realsense' or '400 series' in combination with whatever I'm searching for.  If that fails, I substitute '400 series' for 'd415' or 'd435'.  This helps to filter out search results that might pre-date the 400 Series.


          If you have a feature request, the best place to post it would be on the Issues page so RealSense developers and engineers can see it.


          Issues · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


          Regarding your bracket question: page 68 to 70 of the data sheet for the Module Kit versions of the cameras contains details of the mounting bracket and gives details for where to order them from.


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            That's how I search, but amazingly sometimes I can't find what I'm looking for even when I know it is there.


            We need an archive.


            Excellent news about the brackets.


            Refer on my request for the hyper stereo to your best buddy at Intel... I think it would open up lots of development, much of which wouldn't have anything to do with hyper stereo.





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              There's little that is more frustrating than knowing that you've already answered a question somewhere else in the past but you can't remember the unique keywords that will bring it up in the search results.  Fortunately, in such situations the answer usually comes in a sudden flash of thought a little later.  "Reverse the stream polarity!!" 


              I'm not an Intel employee, so my influence in matters developmental and engineering is limited.  Your system of using the holes to conduct signals is intriguing though.  It reminds me of the old technique of building a wi-fi signal amplifier by taking a tin can and soldering a metal bolt to the bottom of it.    


              I would recommend putting together some documentation for your project and maybe some video footage, and submitting it as a user contribution to Intel.  See the Community Projects section at the bottom of the Examples page for work that other users have submitted.


              librealsense/examples at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


              RealSense's Software Manager, Sergey "Dorodnic" Dorodnicov said in a webinar on June 27:  "We strongly appreciate and encourage community participation ... we wanted to make it very easy for people to take the library and modify it to their needs, and share it with more people, even if it doesn't line up with our vision of the product".


              If a customer writes a feature, documents and submits it, then it is "a very strong tool for influencing the direction of the product".  Intel will almost always happily accept a contribution and try to maintain it from that point onward

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                BTW, if you want to try out your technique on a different camera part (at your camera's own risk, of course), there is a removable cover on the camera with pins behind it.  These were intended for syncing the camera's hardware timestamp with other sensors.  Hardware sync is due to be added in firmware update 5.9.14.


                EDIT: 5.9.14 was released today.


                Download Latest Firmware for Intel® RealSense™ D400 Product Family




                Image source: the Intel multiple-camera white paper.



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                  BTW, when you said in your original message that you connected the camera's holes to a 'piece of channel' from Home Depot, did you mean a metal framing channel like this: