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    Graphics driver intel 4400


      I have this really annoying problem with my intel hd graphics 4400, where i keep hearing the driver removed sound and my games keep tabbing out and the graphics driver makes my monitor look disgusting and when i got to  the control panel the options are missing and when i restart my pc the problem is temporarily fixed how do i fix this annoying thing permanently because it is driving me crazy. I recently tried to upgrade the driver but it says your system doesnt meet the requirements.

      Ok I i did the steps . When i turned my pc on today i had black bars at the side of my monitor (it happens alot)


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Phillip Watson,

          I understand that you are currently experiencing problems with your system as it does not show the things how it is supposed to.

          I would like to begin by requesting an Intel ® System Support Utility report, this report is necessary to have more information about your system, and this way we can find a better solution for your current problem.

          Please refer to the link below in order to download and install the Intel ® System Support Utility: 


          Make sure to attach the report to this thread.

          Also, To better assist you with your request, I will need to check some information about your computer. Please follow these steps: 

          1. In the keyboard, press WinLogo key + R. 
          2. In the Run box please type dxdiag and hit Enter.
          3. Click on Save All Information (save it in your desktop). 
          4. Attach the report to this thread. 

          Once I have this information, we will be able to continue.

          David V

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello JustTechno,

            I am following up with your case and see that we have not heard back from you.

            Please provide me with all of the details requested above.

            If you need more assistance do not hesitate to reply.

            David V