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    Something went wrong


      Hi, I am having a NUC. I was using it few months back & i had stopped using it like for 7 months then i turned it ON but i was only able to see the message "something went wrong & it is not able to start up further".


      I only have the option to restart the PC but when i restart i keep getting the same message. Please advise on how shall get into the PC.

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          1. This message you seed after login to Windows?

          2. Do you have Office installed on this NUC?



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            This message appears when the unit is booting up.

            No Microsoft Ffice installed in this PC.

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              You have not confirmed that your Operating System is Windows. If your Operation System is Windows 10, you may reboot to your Windows in Safe Mode from Command Prompt. The Command Prompt can be reached from Advanced Option Menu. This menu you can reach after booting from Window Installation Media USB:


              1. Boot from your Windows 10 installation USB.
              2. Select your language preferences and click/tap on Next.
              3. Click/tap on Repair your computer at the bottom.
              4. Click/tap on Troubleshoot.
              5. Click/tap on Advanced options.
              6. Click on Command Prompt
              7. In the Command Prompt write the following command: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal
              8. Press enter to execute this command
              9. Close the Command Prompt window by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the Command Prompt window.
              10. Select Continue and sign in to Windows
              11. Your system will boot into Windows in safe mode.
              12. In order to remove safe mode (back to normal mode), while in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run: msconfig
              13. Chose Boot tab and uncheck Safe boot.  Reboot your system.


              Hope this helps




              If you don't have Windows 10 installation media USB you can prepare one from here: Download Windows 10




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                Hi Leon,


                I am sorry for not letting you know the OS used here (It is Windows 10 Home).


                I am now in the midst of preparing the Windows 10 installation media.


                I will update here the outcome of the above procedure once i have done it.


                Thank you for your assistance.