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    Hd 530 driver isue



      I am using intel hd 530 with core i3 6100 3.7ghz proceessor.I have 8 GB ram.So i should be able to play games like mafia 2 or gta v,farcry 3,call of duty advance warfare in low settings.But when i update my driver to a newer version my game starts lagging.Like 11 months ago, i was playing mafia 2 smoothly in medium settings in my pc.then i installed call of duty advance warfare and it started lagging.so i updated it. Then i could play cod:aw smoothly but my mafia 2 started lagging even in low settings.after that i installed gta v and it lagged as well.when i updated my driver the lag decreased.But recently i installed fifa 17.To fix lag i updated driver.Now i can't play gta v.is there any solution for this?